Shot Of Rhythm

[ Saturday, July 12, 2003 ]


Yesterday, I got to do something that is cool beyond description, at least for me. In connection with this soul music research project, I got to talk for over two hours with Sam Moore, one half of the legendary soul duo Sam and Dave. Sam and Dave have long been a part of my life; growing up in a family where Southern soul was a staple of the musical diet, I was exposed before I can remember to "Hold On, I'm Comin'," "Soul Man," "I Take What I Want," "When Something Is Wrong With My Baby," "You Don't Know Like I Know," "Wrap It Up," "I Thank You" et cetera. So yesterday was an absolute thrill for me, especially since he's an interesting and engaging personality who's got plenty of strong opinions and tells great stories. (You know you're dealing with somebody worth talking to when he's talking about his good friends "Otis" and "Aretha.") We got nowhere near finished, so we're continuing this at a later point. Can't wait to talk to the man again.

The moral of the story is, folks, go listen to Sam and Dave records. Right now. They're good for you.

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Dove With Claws [9:13 AM]

[ Thursday, July 10, 2003 ]


-4 more died in Iraq David Crosby said, "How many more?" As David Crosby said (in a different context), "What are their names?"

-It finally happened. A few months ago, I predicted that some crazy fucker would use The Matrix as an excuse to commit some heinous crime. Heard about it on the news today. This lonely-looking kid had an arsenal that looks like it bested that of some small countries in his garage. Of course, the REAL question - how the hell did this guy get so many guns? - wasn't asked, in favor of cultural critics yapping over clips of Keanu.

-I also heard about some teen counselors at a 4-H Camp running a "fight club" amongst their pre-teen charges. A 10-year-old boy was interviewed, talking about the way these assholes would encourage them to fight and make bets on it. What the fuck is this world coming to?

Sorry if I seem rather disillusioned today. I'm actually personally pretty satisfied, since I finished my last summer school class today. Still, the world is a fucked-up place, and I can't ignore it.

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Dove With Claws [5:16 PM]

[ Monday, July 07, 2003 ]


Quick thought/question...when will they ever release a Staple Singers boxed set? 'Cause they damn well should've already. In a world with 6-disc collections of seemingly everybody (and their cousins), the fact that such a fantastic - and important - group in American music goes without even one of those ubiquitous two-disc "Anthologies," much less a true career-spanner that ranges from the early gospel classics through to the late hits ("Let's Do It Again"...ooh my that feels good) and the solo work (Pops did some damn fine stuff, as I seem to remember) is both unbelievable and sad. Damn shame...maybe I've found my life's quest; I'd been hoping it'd turn up.

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Dove With Claws [8:37 PM]


Willie Nelson is supporting Dennis Kucinich. Very cool. Read about it here. I'm torn between Kucinich and Howard Dean myself, and - on my angrier days - I find myself more supportive of Al Sharpton than anybody else. I just hope that the three of them combined can push the primaries Left, even if only a little bit. Otherwise we're left with Edwards, Kerry and Lieberman, all of whom are varying degrees of unimpressive (and, with Lieberman, patently unacceptable). (I kinda like Dick Gephardt, but what does Dick Gephardt have now that he didn't have all the other times he's run for President? Plus he's pro-war.)

More news...Michael Savage, one of the most offensive and ignorant personalities to ever be graced with his own primetime program (on a NEWS station, MSNBC, no less). It all started when Savage made a couple really disgusting anti-gay statements; he's made many like them before, both before he got his show and since then, but these were especially egregious. Even though I'm always a little bit wary of any sort of thought policing - no matter how legitimate or righteously-based - in the hiring and firing of media personalities, the fact is that Savage is a buffoon who never should have had his own show, failed when he got the chance (the ratings were bad), and now is leaving in disgrace. Good riddance...

That's all that's fit to print today.

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