Shot Of Rhythm

[ Saturday, July 19, 2003 ]


Rock and roll never forgets...

I've always been a big Jason and the Scorchers fan, ever since I can remember, and I had resigned myself to never getting a chance to see them live. They rarely tour, and Wisconsin stops usually end at Milwaukee. Luckily for me, though, the gods of rhythm were shining down, and Jason and the Scorchers appeared (for FREE) no less at a casino 90 minutes from my house. Thankfully, also, the Scorchers still scorch. Absolutely ferocious performance, with a closing salvo ("Route 66" and "Lost Highway," with an encore of "Broken Whiskey Glass" and "Take Me Home, Country Roads") that defied description. We also got - thanks to the Scorchers' plane being late - an hour acoustic set from Jason, which was very nice. Plus, Mike Cepress - who attended the show with me - won $285 on one dollar on quarter slots. Bastard...

So, isn't it nice to see Bush and Blair slowly fall apart? I hate to get too excited, because we're still a long way from over, both in terms of the fucking war and the political season leading up to the election, but it just seems like every time George II opens his mouth, a bunch of incoherent mush comes tumbling out; better yet, the American people seem to be getting hip to the hype, as Bush's poll numbers are down across the board, and he's as unpopular as he's been since 9/11. Blair, although I disagree with him, at least seems like something of a statesman, for Christ's sake. Of course, now we've got this weird murder case in Britian (read about it here ). I'm not saying I'm implicating anybody, but that does seem interesting doesn't it? Crazy, man, crazy...

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Dove With Claws [7:50 AM]

[ Tuesday, July 15, 2003 ]


Soul music...

-William Bell. The single most underrated Stax/Volt performer. His best records - like "Everybody Loves A Winner," "You Don't Miss Your Water," "Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday," "Private Number" with Judy Clay, "Every Man Oughta Have A Woman," "Eloise (Hang On In There)" - rank with the best of Otis, Sam & Dave, Booker T. and the MGs and The Staple Singers. The fact that he wrote so many great songs (often in tandem with fellow genius Booker T. Jones) only adds to his heartbreakingly beautiful voice.

-Cris Plata's new album, LIFE IS HARD, is typically awesome. There's a track on there called "Welcome To Jerusalem" that features one of his best lyrics and vocals. Damn, Senor Plata es muy bueno.

-Macy Gray's new single, "She Ain't Right For You," is a trip back in time, to when soul records could accomodate both string sections and backbeats, in which gospel-influenced vocals were paired with catchy melodies in a way that even the best neo-soul doesn't achieve. (Notable exception being R. Kelly; the men don't know but the little girls understand...hee hee.)

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Dove With Claws [5:47 PM]

[ Monday, July 14, 2003 ]


Okay, so today's Naked Day amongst East-Side Bloggers. Since I have neither a scanner nor a digital camera, there was pretty much no way I's gonna be able to participate (and for some reason they took down my previous spreads - no pun intended - from all the porno sites).

Then, of course, I had another idea. I'd give y'all the spiel listed above, then say "But have no fear, here's a naked picture of Keith Richards." See, there was this nightmarish paparazzi clip of Keith sunbathing a buffo a couple years ago, and I thought that'd be a nicely clever substitution. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the damn thing anywhere, and I spent at least an hour last night Google-ing, trying to find it. (I know, I know, I have spare time.)

So I got nothing, neither artistic nor verite. Y'all will have to use your imaginations, I guess.

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Full-frontally yours,

Dove With Claws [7:44 AM]