Shot Of Rhythm

[ Friday, September 05, 2003 ]


Believe it or not, me and Matt decided to go to Berwyn, Illinois tonight to see one of the greatest live rock and roll bands in the world (probably in a tight race with Springsteen and, if you can call him rock and roll, Al Green) NRBQ. Although about a hundred things could go wrong, it looks to be a fun impromptu adventure into the heart of Bear country.

I'm in this stupid Weather and Climate class this fall, a class that so far has only been distinguished by the fact that an incident occured yesterday where the professor, after being interuppted by a very loud cellphone ring in the front row, tried to get the cell user in question to let him use her phone for a demonstration. In all seriousness. It's a good thing she didn't let him, because the demonstration he did - using the textbook instead - was an illustration of loss in altitude. In other words, DROPPING IT ON THE CONCRETE FLOOR. I would've probably not been able to continue if he had dropped this woman's cellphone on the floor. That would've been classic.

Speaking of classic (bad segue, but what the hell), I've been thinking about what I should put on my eventual business cards. I have a couple candidates, both of which I like equally well. Any thoughts?

CANDIDATE 1: "Some of my best friends are white people."
CANDIDATE 2: "Don't like it? Write your own damn ballad."

Looking to hear your feedback.

By the way, the blog currently being operated by the aforementioned Matt is great. Check it out already, if you haven't.

On the box right now: Nothing...know why? BECAUSE MY FUCKING INTERNET IS STILL DOWN AND I'M STILL IN THE DAMN LIBRARY. I'm hoping it'll get fixed today, but shitting in the other hand fills up first, you know? I was grooving on Clarence Carter, SNATCHIN' IT BACK last night, at any rate.


Dove With Claws [9:40 AM]

[ Wednesday, September 03, 2003 ]


Okay, so my Internet's been down in my apartment ever since I got back, and it's still down...meaning that I'm currently typing this little epistle from a library InfoLab. Which is fine, even though I hope to be back on my own keyboard before too long...

First of all, there's a new link on the left. Matt's blog. Check it out; it's good for you.

Furthermore, anybody who wants to hear what are right now the two albums of the year should check out the aforementioned Warren Zevon record and the new one by the Nappy Roots, Kentucky's finest and one of the best groups in hip-hop (or anything) right now. The album is filled with fresh and memorable melodies, beats and hooks, along with interesting lyrics and thematic constructions that neither get too heady (paging KRS-One) nor devolve into cliched "life is shit" motifs (hello, Ice-T and Ice Cube). Add in a nice sense of what my journalist friend Bill Friscicks-Warren calls "Southern blues musicology," and you've got a nearly 5-star classic. Awesome.

Anyway, that's it for right now. I'll keep on trying to post until my Internet's back. (It's theoretical, although probably unlikely, that it'll be back today.) After that, though, the FUN WILL BEGIN! EH??

On the box right now: NOTHING. I'M IN THE FUCKING LIBRARY. But I did play Alex Chilton, LIKE FLIES ON SHERBET yesterday.


Dove With Claws [8:42 AM]