Shot Of Rhythm

[ Saturday, October 04, 2003 ]


Last night's BLUES episode is now my second-favorite, after the Memphis one. Actually entertaining, and a lot of interesting info/perspective. Plus, the performances by Van Morrison, Jeff Beck, and (believe it or not) Tom Jones and Lulu were excellent. I've heard some Tom Jones performances over the years that suggests to me that he could make some great records if he was combined with the right producer, band and material. If you ever get a chance to see any live footage of him, particularly from the early-70s, you may be surprised at how R&B-inflected his stuff is.

Saw LOST IN TRANSLATION last night. Excellent film; everybody should see it. Going to SCHOOL OF ROCK today, which has gotten reviews too good for me to ignore. I've always liked Jack Black, and it looks like he could kick ass in this role.

By the way, speaking of movies, remind me tomorrow to tell you about STEVIE, the best documentary I've seen since BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE...

Florida Marlins and Oakland A's (happy McCool?) both ahead in their series? Excellent...

Howard Dean is coming to Madison tomorrow; he's speaking on the Kohl Center lawn, and I hope that my apartment - which faces the Kohl - will be within the range of the event's sound. That way I won't have to go stand in line, which I probably wouldn't do anyway.

On the box right now: Stevie Wonder, SONGS IN THE KEY OF LIFE


Dove With Claws [9:01 AM]

[ Thursday, October 02, 2003 ]


He did it..."Alright, the funny kid's here today." 6 in a row for Mark (and, in case you're counting, we've only had 8 classes so far).

By the way, the As are now up 2 games to 0 over the cursed Boston Red Sox. Nothin' but good times ahead...

I agree with Mr. C's comment about tonight's BLUES episode, but I'm still disappointed with the series as a whole. Looking forward to tomorrow night's British-themed episode.

By the way, anybody who frequents this blog ever been groped by Arnold Schwarzenegger? Judging by the LA Times report, there can't be that many who haven't.

On the box right now: Amadou et Mariam, WATI. Great R&B-influenced music from Mali.

Dove With Claws [10:01 PM]

[ Wednesday, October 01, 2003 ]


So, apart from last night's episode on Memphis, THE BLUES series has yet to impress me any great deal. It's great to hear the music, and the footage is often really great, but the films themselves don't really work, either as entertainment or as coherent statements on the music. The fact that the spirit of the blues is basically lost in the slog-and-drag of the films so far is perhaps the worst offense. Once again, "The Road To Memphis" is a definite exception...

So, I'm on this committee that brings lecturers to campus, and today the committee director announced his plans to make our publicity work - like chalking or hanging flyers - "more fun." This is an admirable sentiment, but somehow I doubt that the kneel-and-staple drudgery of pub work will ever truly be "fun," at least in any sense of the word that I understand.

Anybody besides me hope that George W. Bush is really brought down by this whole CIA leak thing? Probably won't happen, but maybe we'll at least get rid of Karl Rove, the evil genius behind the Dubya political machine.

If he says it tomorrow, it will mark 6 classes in a row that Mark from Weather and Climate has said "Oh alright, the funny kid's here" to me when class begins. I know y'all are interested in this Dimaggio-like streak, so I'll be sure and report the results.

By the way, as of now the As are 1 run behind in Game 1 with the Red Sox. Doesn't make me happy...

On the box right now: The Junkers, LIVE CHARACTERS NIGHTLY


Dove With Claws [9:28 PM]

[ Tuesday, September 30, 2003 ]


Every once in a while you're reminded that sometimes intro classes are like junior high...

Today, in AOS 100, I got such a reminder. I knew it was gonna be bad when, before class even started, there were two guys down from me who had a surprisingly loud discussion about - and I quote - "taking the skin boat into tuna town." Of course, any urbane sophisticate like myself recognized this as most likely being a reference to GRUMPY OLD MEN, but even the cultural cachet which the two nincompoops displayed didn't justify them repeating it, with occassional chuckles, five consecutive times.

Then class started, and I got a big-time dose of the "Funny Kid." The "Funny Kid" got his name from Mark, he of the random comments that I spoke of earlier. Seems Mark had met this guy before, and every time Mark sits down next to me (and I mean EVERY TIME), he says the same words: "Alright, the Funny Kid's here today." This "Funny Kid" is the guy who did - at one point - have a legitimately funny remark, but has tried too hard too often to repeat such hilarity. He's failed, on every attempt, to repeat his magic.

First, he and the girl next to him talked to each other for the first 10 minutes of class. Now, I'm no angel by any stretch of the imagination, but one thing I've learned in college is how to control such impulses, both out of respect for the professor and sheer self-interest. Apparently, the "Funny Kid" has either discarded such an ethos or has never learned it in the first place. So, after that was over, he then made a series of interjections - aimed toward the professor - that weren't really malicious, but were completely irrelevant and managed to come off only as the stupid ramblings of a third-rate class clown. In other words, a more appropriate name for the "Funny Kid" would be the "Dumb Kid," and he's also becoming my "Least Favorite Kid" in the course. Oh well; nothing like a little entertainment (even if it's of the "laugh at," as opposed to the "laugh with," variety) to spice up my day. It's either that or focus on my attempt to win the Frost Forecast contest. You really don't wanna know.

By the way, baseball playoffs start today. Go As!

On the box right now: Bubba Sparxxx, DELIVERANCE. Really a fantastic record, and that and OutKast have been dominating my recent playlists.


Dove With Claws [10:44 AM]

[ Sunday, September 28, 2003 ]


Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. Had a cold for the best part of last week, and was a lot busier than I'd anticipated. But here I am now...

-OutKast is unbelievable. The record lives up to all my expectations. Same goes for the Steve Earle live set that also came out Tuesday.

-Saw Bruce Springsteen last night in Milwaukee. What can I say? Simply an unparalleled experience, every single time.

-Watch THE BLUES series that starts tonight on PBS. I saw a few clips, and they made it look worthwhile.

I'll be back with more next week...I promise.

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Dove With Claws [2:57 PM]