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[ Friday, October 10, 2003 ]


So finally the fuckin' comments are annoys me when they're not there, since it gives y'all no chance to rip on me.

-To Ereck, who turned 30 recently.
-To Martin's blog, which recently celebrated its 1st anniversary.
-To Ken, who had a great interview with Jon Stewart in last week's Isthmus.
-To the previously-mentioned Martin, Amy, and the "perenially rumpled" Bob Hemauer, all of whom were profiled in an article about Friendster in that same Isthmus.
-To me, for going for a new world's record for links in a blog entry.

Alright, that's enough of that. I watched THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT last night, and it reminded me how great The Who is. Any rock and roll fan who hasn't seen THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT needs to take advantage of the newly restored DVD and crank it up to 20. It'll be good for you, I promise.

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Dove With Claws [12:54 PM]

[ Wednesday, October 08, 2003 ]


Hey, I got a joke for you. So, imagine that California decided to dump their governor, and they looked all over the state, and they elected...ready?...ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER!!! That's right, the Kindergarten Cop, the Terminator, the Last Action Hero! And all he did throughout the whole campaign was spew generalizations and old versions of his movie taglines! And evidence came out that he groped a whole bunch of women, and that he once praised Adolf Hitler! And he still won handily!Wouldn't that be hilarious??? Wait, it actually happened? Oh.

So last night I was at the worst review session in history. A few highlights:

-One girl was convinced that we needed to know about temperature conversion (as in Celsius to Fahrenheit and such), even though what the TAs were actually talking about was temperature INVERSION. No wonder she seemed so confused. Another individual didn't know that you have to multiply a fraction by 100 to get a percentage. Now, I'm no math major by any stretch, but that's pretty lame.

-Couple good quotes from the TAs:
"As you may know, the earth is round."
"If you're still confused, you can look at Figure 2.2 on page 53...wait, I guess that's a
little different than what we're talking about....oh, wait a minute, that's completely
different. Never mind."

-The best (or worst) moment came when they were talking about temperature range, temperature lag, temperature biscuits or something and they had put a graph up on the chalkboard. It all devolved to the point where the three of them were standing with their backs to us, pointing at the board and arguing with each other. Needless to say, this wasn't helpful. I think that was about the point when the guy next to me - who I'm not acquainted with - leaned over and said "Jeez, this just gets worse and worse." I agree. The "Funny Kid" wasn't even there to spice things up with his witty remarks. Mark wasn't there either, as far as I could tell. I'm hoping that Mr. C will take heed of the above observations as examples of how not to teach. I actually do feel I understand things pretty well, and there were some useful moments, but overall the review was - as Nelson from THE SIMPSONS would say - "polly wolly crappy." Ugh.

How about those Marlins? Game 1 in the bag after a fabulous series of give-and-takes and comebacks. I can hear those Cub fans whining already...

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Dove With Claws [10:05 AM]

[ Monday, October 06, 2003 ]


First of all, the A's coughed up the division series...again. Sometimes it's hard to be a fan, particularly when you get so close to the fruits of victory before being snatched away. Oh well, I ride the Marlins horse exclusively now.

Second of all, Bruce Springsteen got lambasted in the New York Post and on the conservative MSNBC show Scarborough Country today for supposedly making anti-Bush and anti-NYPD remarks during his tour's final stand at Shea Stadium the past weekend. As far as the anti-NYPD charge goes, it's bullshit (for reasons I won't go into but am happy to should someone so desire). As far as the anti-Bush charge, it's partially true, but nowhere near as one-sided and vitriolic as either the Murdoch paper or Joe Scarborough made it out to be. Surprise surprise. I witnessed Bruce's Milwaukee show, where he made similar remarks, and - believe me - it was far from a left-wing shill (even though the message got through anyway, if you know what I mean).

But that's not why I write about it. At the end of Scarborough's rant, he mentioned - as I expected he would - that Springsteen was one of his favorites. It always amazes me that, even though the Dixie Chicks or Steve Earle can be condemned after even one statement, Springsteen's history of left-wing support and political expressiveness has not yet landed him on the increasingly large right-wing shit list. It's another reason I love him; he can tell the truth, and seemingly avoid most of the condemnation his peers can not. Granted, Bruce has been the subject of much criticism over the years from conservative assholes of various stripes (from assholes in the NYPD brass to Ronald Reagan, one of the biggest assholes of all time), but he's still as mainstream as any non-controversial figure. Go on, Boss.

Go get Michael Moore's new book tomorrow, called DUDE WHERE'S MY COUNTRY? Looks to be fabulous...

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Dove With Claws [9:50 PM]

[ Sunday, October 05, 2003 ]


SCHOOL OF ROCK is really good, surprisingly so. It's funny, though, because Jack Black's character is certainly likeable, even though most guys I've known like this in real life are completely obnoxious, spewing pretentious crap about the "power of ROCK!" I know this film is somewhat a satire of that, but nowhere near entirely.

Marlins clinch, makes me happy. A's have dropped two in a row, even-ing the series, doesn't make me happy at all.

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