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[ Thursday, November 20, 2003 ]


Bill Lueders can kiss my ass...

If you want to know why, pick up this week's ISTHMUS and read his column, called "On, Wesconson!," one of the worst pieces of anti-Southern/anti-rural bullshit I've ever read. What a piece of fucking shit...

Dove With Claws [10:48 PM]


Oh my God.

Look, it ain't like it's a surprise, but, compare that photo with any from his mid-80s heyday or before, and it's damn near unbelievable. Literally unbelievable.

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Dove With Claws [4:30 PM]

[ Wednesday, November 19, 2003 ]


So I'm watching a report on MSNBC about Michael Jackson, and I think Jacko might even have further reason to worry. On top of the warrant for his arrest, and the allegations of multiple incidents of child abuse, and the surefire crippling that his already vulnerable public image will take because of this fiasco, MJ has at least one other problem. When the interviewer turned to "Michael Jackson's close friend and associate" for insights into Jackson's personality, that friend turned out to be...

Uri Geller. That's right, Uri Geller, the famous spoon-bender and supposed supernatural psychic king who was nationally humiliated as a fraud by the great James Randi on national TV. When Uri Geller - who now bills himself as a "professional illusionist" - is springing to your defense (even if Geller's comments ran more towards the confused and hopeful variety than the passionate denial), you know you're in trouble.

One good thing about all this, though. It's damn sure gonna make for some good TV! And what's more American than good TV, huh?

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Dove With Claws [3:19 PM]


Okay, McCool tells me I've been deliquent in my blogging, so here's a scraping together of a few strands from a relatively nondescript week:

-The new Al Green record (I CAN'T STOP) is FABULOUS. Any fan of soul/R&B should definitely check it out, as it is one of the best records - of any genre - of the year. Say amen, somebody!
-The "Funny Kid" has cut his level of outburst in recent classes, but he has taken to sitting right next to me, letting me in on the little fact that the dude CAN'T SIT STILL. NOT EVEN FOR A MINUTE. I don't mean in the slightly hyper variety, I mean in the SNL sketch caricature fashion. If I didn't know better, I'd think this guy was a plant, and that Ashton Kutcher was trying to "punk" me.
-Midterm tomorrow, and then I'm officially on Thanksgiving break!
-Should be a good music weekend, with Bottle Rockets and Junior Brown shows bookending the weekend.
-President Bush still sucks. Just thought you might be worried that I was getting moderate in my old age.

I promise I'll return when I have more to talk about.

On the box right now: Al Green, I CAN'T STOP


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