Shot Of Rhythm

[ Saturday, December 13, 2003 ]


I was gonna post yesterday, but the damn blogspot server was down. So excuse my tardiness...

I've been trying to write my personal statement (for grad school apps) for the past few days, and have been running into surprising difficulty. Actually, maybe it isn't surprising, since - although I know y'all might not believe this - writing about how great I am has never been my strong suit. I think I have some good, old-fashioned Midwestern modesty churning down there somewhere, and it's usually subsumed by a mixture of fireball rhetoric and smart-ass posturing. When the rubber really meets the road, though, and when I've actually gotta be a CLH booster in any real way, I find myself frozen. Don't worry your pretty little heads about it, though; the ice is beginning to thaw, and I'm confident that I'll have a handle on it shortly.

Did you hear Michael Jackson had food poisoning? Yep, apparently he got it from eating a five-year-old wiener. (OOOOOHHH, that's NASTY)

Tomorrow at 2:45 I finish my last undergraduate final. After that, you're all required to use the appellation "B.A." when addressing or talking about me.

I'll be back soon...

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Dove With Claws [8:49 AM]

[ Tuesday, December 09, 2003 ]


Go to The Smoking Gun and look at the mugshots. It's well worth it, and there's now a new one - George Clinton. Dr. Funkenstein's shot isn't as classic as Glen Campbell's, Nick Nolte's or Michael Jackson's, but it's good nonetheless. There's a lot of other shots for you to peruse as well.

So Al Gore endorsed Howard Dean. A couple people asked me today what I thought of this, and my answer was basically that it really doesn't affect me either way. I like Dean, but don't love him. I'll vote for any Democrat (except Lieberman) anyway. And, speaking of Lieberman, his campaign - and those of the other Dems - appears to be finished. Gore's still a very popular guy among Democrats (God knows why, he was a terrible Presidential candidate), and him endorsing Dean - particularly over his running-mate Lieberman - probably puts a pretty fucking big nail in everybody else's campaign. Whatever. All I know is that the primary season starts soon, and there's no better time for political junkies like me. So Merry Christmas to me!

I don't really have anything new to add. I've been trying to scrape everything together for the end of my last undergraduate semester, as well as the other year-end (and grad-school-app) stuff that needs to get done. Things are progressing well, but it's still given me more work than I've had all semester. Not that this is a bad thing.

I promise I'll return when I have something more interesting/useful to say. Until then, don't take any wooden nickels, and punch George W. Bush for me if you get the chance. (Uh-oh, now Ashcroft'll be after me. YIKES!!!!)

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