Shot Of Rhythm

[ Tuesday, December 30, 2003 ]


The UWMC Forum is the once again the greatest newspaper in the world, if only for the following "Jeer" in their monthly "CHEERS/JEERS" column:

"Jeer to the Rockwater. You're like a cheesy horror movie villain. You just won't die."

Not since the wonderful days of the Matt Hagengruber regime (when a young music writer who sounded a lot like CLH wrote for the paper) has the Forum been such a shining beacon for truth.

By the way, the great writer DeWayne Wickham has a great column this week about Strom Thurmond's daughter, and Hollywood's desire to make a movie about her without really making it about her. Hollywood's always been good at talking about African-Americans without talking about African-Americans, and this is another good example.

Hey, punk rockers, anybody heard of The Dirtbombs? Any thoughts?

On the box right now: David Banner, MTA 2: BAPTIZED IN DIRTY WATER. Nobody has the right to put out two albums in one year as good as the pair Banner released this year.


Dove With Claws [9:44 PM]

[ Monday, December 29, 2003 ]


38,000 people are estimated dead in the Iranian earthquake from last week. 38,000 people dead is a number that is almost too great to fathom. It's basically the entirety of my hometown. Peace and blessings upon the living and dead...

By the way, a couple people have asked me what I think about the revelation that Strom Thurmond has an interracial daughter. This is, firstly, no big surprise to anyone who has studied the sexually-driven hypocrisy of slavery/Jim Crow proponents, nor does it shock anybody who has been made aware of ol' Strom's world-famous libido, a virility that goes beyond machismo and straight into the absurd. (This is a man whose campaign once utilized photos of Strom standing on his head to prove that their candidate was a hearty and healthy man.)

That being said, it is another stake in the heart of hypocritical right-wing moralism, moralism that either takes shape as holier-than-thou self-righteousness (ask Rush Limbaugh about that, but wait until after he sobers up) or hellfire-brimstone bluster about the evils of modern immorality. This is, of course, what the great manipulators of white supremacy - like Thurmond - have done so effectively. Rather than simply making everything a question of "white people good, black people bad," they harness those emotions and make them the hinges on which larger questions, like Communism or "states' rights," can rest; the intended effect is to get white "moderates" to join a crusade they can feel better about, and its an effect that has been relatively consistent. This is a process the right wing still uses, and is yet another reason why right wingers can - in the most benevolent sense of the term - kiss my ass.

On the box right now: George Harrison, ALL THINGS MUST PASS


Dove With Claws [9:57 PM]