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[ Saturday, March 06, 2004 ]


Secretary Of Unpleasant Truth

Apparently, John Ashcroft is in the hospital. Pancreatitis. Make sure you check up on him, because God knows he's checking up on you.

Finally found a copy of the CHAPPELLE'S SHOW Season 1 DVD yesterday. It's been hard to do anything other than revisiting the first episodes from the current contender for the laugh-your-ass-off funniest show on TV. There's stuff on there I'd forgotten about (like "Great Moments In Hook-Up History," or my current favorite "The Mad Real World"), and nearly everything is funny in some way.

And then, of course, there's "Ask A Black Dude" with Paul Mooney. Thankfully, Dave and company included a bunch of extra questions/answers from Mr. Mooney, who wrote for Richard Pryor and is now among the sharpest and most respected figures in black comedy. Mooney's great at making white people uncomfortable, and he's in fine form here. (He's also in fine form as Negrodamus, his psychic character on the new season.) I'm thinking at the moment that every diversity/race curriculum should include viewings of these segments, and that Bush oughta appoint Mooney to his Cabinet. Secretary of Unpleasant Truth, or something.

(By the way, there's also "Ask A Gay Dude" with comedian Mario Cantone. In its own way, as funny as "Ask A Black Dude.")

On the box right now: THE STATESMEN QUARTET, 1953-1964. This is a mix made by a music-writer friend. The Statesmen, for those who haven't heard them, are one of the oddest groups you're likely to come across, a white gospel quartet who seem more than happy to dip into black musical forms (from their gospel counterparts to jazz players), but they do it in a way that marks a strange third path between ignorance and total mimicry. This is a third path that most white musicians have been - at times, at least - unable to negotiate, and it's honorable that such a strange nook of our musical history houses one such negotiation. Plus, the singing is great and the song choice is near-perfect.


Dove With Claws [10:38 AM]

[ Thursday, March 04, 2004 ]


Random notes

Sorry I haven't been updating; been running back and forth between hometown and Madison. Here's a couple things on my mind:

-My current favorite song is The Spencer Davis Group's "I'm A Man." I've had a soft spot for the British Invasion lately, and I forgot what an absolute cranker this tune is. Young Stevie Winwood's voice is out of this world.

-Update on THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST: Heard a great story from a friend who recently wrote a letter to his town newspaper in support of gay marriage. Although he said that the responses he recieved were the most positive of any of his letters (and, as the creator of a few well-known unpopular tirades myself, I can appreciate such a comparison), he also recieved two free tickets to THE PASSION from a total stranger who thought the movie "might do him good." He went, and he said it was really, really harsh.

-Remember a while back when I told y'all about the White House birthday cards I keep getting from around the country? I got another one, from a new place and with new handwriting. Maybe it's time I call Mulder and Scully...

-Cee-Lo's new album is great. Proof that OutKast ain't the only boundary-busting hip-hop to come out of Atlanta.

On the box right now: Cee-Lo, CEE-LO GREEN AND HIS SOUL MACHINE


Dove With Claws [5:16 PM]

[ Sunday, February 29, 2004 ]


I guess I'm in trouble now

Best Sunday ever. That is all.

Dove With Claws [2:13 PM]