Shot Of Rhythm

[ Friday, June 04, 2004 ]


Paging Bill Downing...

People who've made the mistake of reading this blog for any period of time will surely remember "The Funny Kid," whose feeble, numerous and loud attempts at witticism made my last undergraduate course a consistently exciting/somewhat uncomfortable experience. Well, this summer I'm sitting in on a seminar-sized class, taught by one of my fave professors, about teaching race and multiculturalism in the classroom. It's been a very rewarding experience thus far, and the members of said class seem to be a pretty uniformly good group.

But there's "The Late Kid." Now, I've seen his kind before, as I'm sure anybody who has spent any time in a classroom has. He comes in to the class, which - as I say - only has about twenty people in it - late every single day. Not just late, mind you. He comes in 20 minutes late, almost on the dot, every single class period. Which got me thinking...he must, unless he's a total buffoon, realize what he's doing. Why wouldn't he make any effort to stop it, or at least to show up, say, 5 minutes late as opposed to 20? Moreover, "The Late Kid" and I have a mutual friend who's in the course, who tells me that he only lives about two minutes from the building the class meets in. This is a thought process I simply don't understand, nor do I appreciate. I can't believe the prof hasn't blown his stack yet; of course, maybe he has, with this dude in private, but it sure doesn't seem that way.

Anyway, off to class. I'll let you know his progress today. Synchronize watches...

On the box right now: Well, nothing, because I'm in the library. But before I had RJD2, SINCE WE LAST SPOKE.


Dove With Claws [7:31 AM]

[ Thursday, June 03, 2004 ]



What's going on with this blog and that blog? After serving as highlights of cyberspace for a good while, both authors stopped a few weeks ago. What's up, guys? Don't you know I need my fix?

For those who haven't heard, Michael Moore found distribution for FAHRENHEIT 9/11. It opens June 25th. I offically can't wait...

On the box right now: Various Artists, BLACK POWER: MUSIC OF A REVOLUTION, Disc 2. Who'd have thought that Billy "Me and Mrs. Jones" Paul would provide the album's funkiest track, a Philly Soul barnburner called "Am I Black Enough For You?"


Dove With Claws [7:32 AM]

[ Monday, May 31, 2004 ]


What are May showers supposed to bring?

First of all, could it possibly rain just a little bit more? My God, it's like the goddamned Noah-and-the-ark flood around here. I know our lovely greenery needs water to grow, but sheesh. Doesn't it need the SUN a little, too, for that whole photosynthesis thing that we learned about back in high school biology? I did pretty well on that unit, as I remember, and I seem to recall the importance of el sol in this whole process. Anyway, it's depressing. It's been great Velvet Underground and Nico weather lately, and I'm about ready for some great Beach Boys climate patterns.

Second of all, Oh boy. Now, I watched the trailer, and it wasn't as bad as I expected, but it still looks like a finger-in-the-mouth gagfest. Thank God Lion's Gate Films, both brave and opportunistic in these scoundrel times, has agreed to distribute FAHRENHEIT 9/11 by as early as late June. That film is now officially the film I've been most excited about for some time.

Third of all, Gomez has released a great rock and roll album, called SPLIT THE DIFFERENCE. There are a few songs on it that blow me away, especially - for you downloaders - "Silence," which sounds like a 21st century Kinks single.

Fourth of all, on this Memorial Day, let us remember that more troops are dying in Iraq now than ever, and this war continues to make less sense and be more disgusting with each passing day.

On the box right now: The Chi-Lites, BEST. "Oh Girl" really might be the greatest single ever recorded.


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