Shot Of Rhythm

[ Friday, June 18, 2004 ]


Waist deep in the big muddy

Paul Johnson's killing at the hands of Al-Qaeda is yet another horrible example of the dark and ambiguous path which we, as a nation and society, are being pulled, with seeming inexorability, down into. I'm not a fan of imperialism of any sort, whether ideological, economic or political, and it seems that thoughts of empire are becoming the dominant dialect in global politics, whether those of religious extremists or the oil-drenched power-grab of the Bushites. Sometimes I just don't know what it's gonna take to pull ourselves out of this, but I hope it's not the great catastrophe that seems more and more likely as each day passes. Pete Seeger described our involvement in the Vietnam War as being increasingly "deep in the big muddy, and the big fool says to push on." Amen, bro.

On a lighter note, I've spent some of my recuperation time catching up with a lot of reading. My main focus has been filling in some holes in my knowledge of civil rights historiography, and the inspiring complexity of the story of the Freedom Struggle should be sufficient to re-fuel anybody with even an iota of faith in humanity. Gimme that old-time religion, it's good enough for me. My recipe for a recharged activist battery will always include heavy doses of African-American history, complete with sizable portions of gospel music (Dorothy Love Coates and The Staple Singers are my particular favorites). For those pilgrims who wish for further guidance, I'm here to help.

On the box right now: Dorothy Love Coates, BEST. Maybe the best gospel singer/songwriter of all time...


Dove With Claws [3:12 PM]

[ Tuesday, June 15, 2004 ]


From the good news department...

Steve Earle unleashes political album on August 24th

There's nobody whom I admire and appreciate more than Steve Earle, and - from the sound of it - this album will positively blister.

On the box right now: Patti Scialfa, 23rd STREET LULLABY


Dove With Claws [11:34 AM]

[ Monday, June 14, 2004 ]


I've stands all I can stands

Alright, I've been gracious enough. If I see one more misty-eyed piece about Reagan on TV, particularly one that is nothing more than sentimentality, I'm really gonna puke. And, let me assure you, after having eaten hospital food last week, that is not something that anybody wants to deal with.

You know, the Los Angeles Lakers bother me immensely, and I am taking more joy in watching them fall apart to the Detroit Pistons than I ever thought I would. The NBA interests me very little, but this has been a sweet turn of events. Big ups to the Bad Boys of Motown.

On the box right now: Ramiyah, RAMIYAH.


Dove With Claws [11:15 AM]