Shot Of Rhythm

[ Friday, July 02, 2004 ]


What I want to be when I grow up

-An elusive genius
-A storied recluse
-A misunderstood visionary
-A pioneer
-An unappreciated master
-A cult favorite
-A musician's musician (writer's writer, etc.)
-A possessor of hard-earned wisdom
-A prodigious talent
-A consummate professional
-A first-rate craftsman
-A coulda-been superstar

On the box right now: Bo Diddley, IS A GUNSLINGER


Dove With Claws [3:40 PM]

[ Tuesday, June 29, 2004 ]


Rotating blades

Discs that have spent time in my CD player the past week:

Prince-Hits, Disc 1
Prince-Hits, Disc 2
Prince-One Nite Alone...Live, Disc 1
Prince-One Nite Alone...Live, Disc 2
Prince-One Nite Alone...Live, Disc 3 (The After-Party Disc)
The Beach Boys-Smiley Smile/Wild Honey
The Beach Boys-Friends/20-20
The Beach Boys-Sunflower/Surf's Up
The Beach Boys-Carl and the Passions/Holland
The Beach Boys-15 Big Ones/Love You
The Beach Boys-Endless Harmony

Sensing two patterns? Well, the Prince fixation obviously comes from the incredible show I saw last week (see below), apart from the fact that I've always been a big fan. On the recommendations of several of the best listeners I know (including two prominent enough to get their testimonials printed nationally), I picked up the ONE NITE ALONE package, which is a bit pricey but worth every penny. Culled from the 2002 "Rainbow Children" tour, the discs feature red-hot funk/soul/jazz/gospel/rock from His Royal Badness, all with a somewhat refreshingly bizarre tone in which our host contextualizes everything as part of a strange kind of sermon. Although most of the "classics" aren't here (although there are smoking versions of "When You Were Mine," "Raspberry Beret," "Nothing Compares 2 U" and "Alphabet St.", among others), everything on here is worth hearing, and shames this humble musician into wanting to practice more.

The Beach Boys thing, which - the more observant/geeky among you may have noticed - is basically limited to their post-1966 output, comes from that classic desire of the music nerd: I am in the process of making a mix disc! Huzzah! Post-PET SOUNDS Beach Boys, through which I hope to convert the nonbelievers into understanding that, after the angelic heights of their peak, they didn't disappear, nor did they dissolve into self-indulgent garbage. Instead, they became much more of a band than they ever had before, and continued to create fascinating, powerful and beautiful music. Armed with 5 great vocalists (with Mike Love being unquestionably the weakest among them), 4 great songwriters (with Dennis Wilson's contributions being among the most revelatory) and a brief collaboration with South Africans Blondie Chaplin and Rikki Fataar that yielded their most consciously soul-based music (on PASSIONS/HOLLAND), the Boys didn't burn out or fade away. In fact, in some ways, they only got stronger. PET SOUNDS is clearly their best album, but I defy anyone to find a stronger, more consistent work than SUNFLOWER or FRIENDS among the rest of their pre-Brian-breakdown years.

On the box right now: Prince, ONE NITE ALONE...LIVE, Disc 3. Ain't no crime in praising his name...


Dove With Claws [6:15 PM]