Shot Of Rhythm

[ Wednesday, September 01, 2004 ]


My very own Gethsemane

Okay, I suppose that the Jesus reference is too dramatic, but today marks the last day before I begin graduate school, which means that it also marks the end of 8 months of (relative) freedom from (most) obligations. How did I spend it, you ask? Why, doing several things...

6:30 AM-Got up early, without enough sleep, to meet with friends for coffee at the Fair Trade on State Street. Managed to get myself captured on film as an accidental extra in some sort of diversity training video. I don't exactly know the specific premise, but I can guess, since there were two white guys discussing how the "gooks and chinks keep blowing the curve" while a pensive-looking Asian fellow walks past and looks at them worriedly.

8:45 AM-Referred to something as being an "unending river of shit."

10:30 AM-For the first time in my life, I consciously decided to listen to a recording by The Smiths. It's on a compilation, so it doesn't really count, but it's a milestone nonetheless.

12:00 PM-Got to go to someplace called "Debit Card Central Processing," to pick up university-sponsored print cards for my employment as a researcher. (That's right, ladies and gents, hang out with me...I've got $50 worth of print cards in my pocket, and I'm rarin' to go.)

1:00 PM until 3:OO PM-Read stuff that I haven't even been assigned yet, in the futile hopes that I may find a way to keep from getting behind. (For those interested, the books are A NATION UNDER OUR FEET by Stephen Hahn and SIMPLE JUSTICE by Richard Kluger.)

6:00 PM (approximately)-Realized just how great a song "The Mercy Seat" by Nick Cave is.

Currently-Well, typing, duh...but I'm also re-listening to my Ron Sexsmith records, in the pursuit of eventually making a Sexsmith mix.

On the box right now: Ron Sexsmith, OTHER SONGS.


Dove With Claws [6:42 PM]

[ Monday, August 30, 2004 ]


Democracy in action

On the box right now: Faces, FIVE GUYS WALK INTO A BAR, Disc 3.


Dove With Claws [11:43 AM]

[ Sunday, August 29, 2004 ]


Willie's #1 Fan

I was at the Bob Dylan/Willie Nelson show in Madison Friday night, and there was a woman behind me, kinda drunk and very outspoken, who spent the entirety of Willie's set insisting to her male companion that Mr. Nelson was great. Now, nobody in their right mind disagrees with that statement, but she went a little overboard. I don't know which was my favorite, either the repeated bursting into rather dramatic tears (followed by a statement to the effect of "It just makes me wanna cry") or the four or five instances in which she turned to her male friend - who was clearly in some sort of relationship with her, probably a slightly unhappy marriage - and said, with all the gravity such a statement requires, "This is the greatest musician you will ever see in your life." Man, kinda makes for a downer once the concert's over, doesn't it?

On the box right now: The Faces, FIVE GUYS WALK INTO A BAR, Disc 2. A friend burned this Rhino Records ( boxed set, and it is absolutely fantastic. I must admit that I never quite understood why The Faces were the subjects of such love and admiration, but now I can join the ranks of the converted.


Dove With Claws [2:51 PM]