Shot Of Rhythm

[ Wednesday, November 03, 2004 ]


Time to go inward

I might have more to say about the election later, since I certainly have been thinking about it enough to justify page after page after page of discussions. All I'll say right now, on a day where I'm as frustrated and disappointed in American politics as I've ever been, is that we on the Left end of the spectrum, from Democrats on over, have to reconsider our position in the American electorate, and we all have to ask ourselves what we need to do next time, since clearly the energy and enthusiasm which permeated this contest wasn't quite enough to get it done.

We can't give up, we must never turn back, but we have to think very seriously about what we need to do and what we need to avoid next time. We're right, they're wrong, and we shall overcome some day.

On the box right now: Brian Wilson, LOVE AND MERCY: THE SOLO YEARS. This is a mix of Brian's solo years that I made a while back. It makes me feel better...


Dove With Claws [10:58 AM]

[ Monday, November 01, 2004 ]


Let freedom ring

Well, today's the day. While many of us have already voted, I still feel a tremendous sense of urgency and anticipation about this election. I think John Kerry's going to win, and I'm damn sure praying that he will. The future of this country and this world hangs in the balance, and the people who can help steer it away from the insane and destructive path George W. Bush is leading it down are young people, the fiery and passionate millions who marched in Seattle, protested the Iraq War, challenged the FTAA and the Republican National Convention, lied down at the School Of The Americas, filled arenas to hear the Vote For Change tour and Michael Moore's "Slacker Uprising," lined up at the theater for FAHRENHEIT 9/11, bought Green Day's AMERICAN IDIOT, the ROCK AGAINST BUSH compilations and WAKE UP EVERYBODY, downloaded Eminem's single "Mosh," revolutionized the world of political campaigning with blogs and e-mail lists, stood in the rain and wind to register their fellow men and women as new voters, knocked on doors for MoveOn and America Coming Together, forced the Democrats to acknowledge their base through the Ralph Nader 2000 movement, brought new energy and enthusiasm to the Democratic Party through the Howard Dean campaign, and helped John Kerry launch a campaign that - successful or not - exceeded everyone's expectation.

Now it is only time for one more task, the most important task, in some ways the only task. As I've been saying in bold letters on this blog for some time, there are those in this country and around the world who bled, suffered and died for the right to vote. They were trampled in the street, strung up in the gallows, turned down at the bank and run out at the town border for demanding that the citizenry must maintain control over those we elect. George W. Bush and his administration have endangered the very fabric of our democracy, in more ways than I choose to count, and almost assuredly in more ways than you care to read. You already know the reality of the situation.

So y'all have got one more line to stand in, one more form to fill out, one more task at hand. By this time tomorrow, I sincerely believe that we will have a new President, and the dawn of a new American morning that may send us partying until the literal new morning. But, whether or not John Kerry is the President-elect when I head to Memphis on Thursday for a weekend of righteous ruckus-raising, I know that we have started a ball rolling that cannot be stopped, not even by John Ashcroft's stormtroopers. As Steve Earle said in his most recent record, the revolution starts now. And it starts by doing the one damn thing that has ever mattered in a government that exists for the people, of the people and by the people. I know you won't let me down. To paraphrase the great African American song of personal worth and redemption, we've all got the light of freedom, and we're gonna let it shine.

This land is your land, this land is my land...this land was made for you and me. Now let's go beat those bastards!!!

On the box right now: Paul Robeson, SONGS OF STRUGGLE.



Dove With Claws [9:27 PM]


One more day...

...until the next chapter of American history is written. No matter the outcome, this is a pivotal moment, and the history/politics geek in me is certain that - whatever else - tomorrow night's events and those that follow will determine the course of the country's, and the planet's, direction. I can only hope that John Kerry wins, and I think he just might, but beyond that I hope that the people who have become so energized and emphatic during this movement - which, especially for a political campaign, this has been - continue the fight for human justice November 3rd and beyond.

All I know is I'm glad that my work tomorrow has to take place at the State Historical Society, which opens at 9, because I think I'm gonna be pretty much useless from 6 PM on or so. I'm hoping I can get at least 5 good hours in before I become too consumed by anticipation/hope/fear that any other activity won't be able to hold my attention. After all, no matter who wins, we'll probably have to get drunk.

On the box right now: The Staple Singers, ULTIMATE COLLECTION, Disc 1. The Staples have been shepherding my soul a long time, and I'm sure they won't fail me now.



Dove With Claws [7:49 AM]