Shot Of Rhythm

[ Friday, June 24, 2005 ]


Questions, queries and ponderances

Why is it that white people are constantly apologizing for themselves? As in, "as a white person, I really don't feel I can [insert various attempts at further understanding or community here]." I've about had enough of this guilt shit.

What is it about two drinks' worth of alcohol that makes guys wanna take their shirts off and start yelling?

Why is it that students can't be bothered to express even the simplest enthusiasm over course materials, but demonstrate seemingly endless excitement when it comes to discussing any potential shortcuts or extra credit (which many of them need, due to their inability to connect with the previously mentioned materials)?

Why do boat enthusiasts not understand why people snicker when they refer to "plugging the bung hole?"

Just how great is THE DAILY SHOW?

Where's Waldo?

On the box right now: John Hiatt, MASTER OF DISASTER.


Dove With Claws [8:35 AM]

[ Wednesday, June 22, 2005 ]


Tuesday's blog, Pt. 2

Okay, welcome back for part two. Every once in a while, a song sneaks up on me and becomes my new temporary obsession. A song that, in some way, captures an indescribable perfection that - for a while at least - dominates my musical consciousness. Sometimes it happens with an artist who I've never cared about, or never heard of before, but then sometimes an old favorite comes through with a new classic. This is the case currently, as John Hiatt - one of my very favorite songwriters - has a new song called "Master Of Disaster" that is absolutely brilliant. The song has a nearly perfect lyrical construction, with a chorus that unfolds like a brilliant rose. The music is perfectly serviceable as well - kind of a typical Hiatt rock-soul groove - but it's the imagery and theme of "Master Of Disaster" that has blown me away. (The fact that the protagonist seems a little too similar as yours truly can't hurt.) If you're at all a fan of John Hiatt, or "Americana"-style songwriting, do yourself a favor and check out the album (also called MASTER OF DISASTER); the title track, while easily the best, is far from the only good thing on there. As a bonus, the album's produced by Jim Dickinson, one of the true eccentric geniuses of American musical culture.

On the box right now: John Hiatt, MASTER OF DISASTER.


Dove With Claws [4:08 PM]


Tuesday's blog, Pt. 1

My life continues to be a little bit too busy for me, so I'm gonna hit you with a double shot today. Part 1:

I'm grading for a class that meets in the botany building at 9 AM everyday, which means that I tend to get there before anyone else is really around. (This is especially true since I've long been a fan of the empty-room, pre-class reading time.) The other day, while I was sitting in the empty lecture hall before class, I had two visitors. The following two exchanges occurred within 3 minutes of each other.

1) WOMAN: Hi, do you know where they keep that big plant?
ME: Uh...what?
WOMAN: You know, that big plant?
ME: Uh, no...sorry. (apologetic smile)
WOMAN: Oh, okay, thanks anyway.

2)MAN: I've seen you in here several times, so I figure I'll let you be the first to know.
ME: Uh...okay. Know what?
MAN: We have a second blooming titus arum! This is HUGE!
ME: Oh, okay...I believe you.
MAN: Yeah, it's probably more exciting to me than it would be to you, but I had to tell someone. Because it's FANTASTIC!

Nothing like an excited, seemingly lonely botanist to brighten one's early morning.

On the box right now: John Hiatt, MASTER OF DISASTER. Stay tuned...


Dove With Claws [4:02 PM]