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[ Friday, July 15, 2005 ]



I tried to book a gig for my two bands (My Two Dads? What?) at a local juke joint, and this was the series of roller-coaster responses I got.

After my first e-mail: "Oh yeah, I heard about you. What about late August?"
Me: "Can't do late August. What about September?"
Booker: "Sure...pretty much everything's open. When do you want?"
Me: "How about Saturday the 17th?"
Booker: "Sounds great. You'll have to make fliers, but we can talk about that later."
Me: "Sure...sounds fantastic. I look forward to it."

(fast forward three days)

Booker: "Hey, man, sorry...but it looks like we're changing ownership at the end of August. Are you sure you guys can't play in August? If not, we're gonna try to get a new place open by mid-September, so we might be able to do the 17th, or we might have to delay."
Me: "Why don't we just wait to see what happens with your new place. The August thing could work for one band, but not the other."
Booker: "Great. I'll keep you posted."
Me: "Sounds fantastic."

(fast forward one day)

Booker: "Sorry, but we're closing for good now...right now. And we're probably not opening another place."

Nothing's ever simple, is it kids?

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Dove With Claws [12:47 PM]

[ Tuesday, July 12, 2005 ]


The Big 5

A while back, and totally unreasonably, I decided that there were five artists for whom I reserved the most excitement when they released new records: Steve Earle, Alvin Youngblood Hart, The Del McCoury Band, OutKast and Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise. Now, this is absurd, since there are several artists (Nick Lowe, Bruce Springsteen, Prince) who I love just as much or more than these five ('cept OutKast and Earle, who are at the very top of the list), but for some reason it felt right at the time to create the "the big 5," as all 5 have never let me down on the recorded front.

The Del McCoury Band has a new one today, THE COMPANY I KEEP, that is another good-to-great collection of the high lonesome sound. Hart came out with a new one a few weeks ago, that may be his best album. Nothing from Earle, OutKast or Robert Bradley this year, even though OutKast is promised and Earle's been busy enough for the past couple to earn some time off. Robert Bradley had a couple songs on a soundtrack a few months ago, but I'm hoping from more from him soon. Strange how I think, isn't it?

By the way, I hope they hang Karl Rove from a fuckin' yard-arm. I won't miss him.

On the box right now: The Del McCoury Band, THE COMPANY I KEEP.


Dove With Claws [12:22 PM]