Shot Of Rhythm

[ Friday, September 30, 2005 ]


Third time's the charm? Please?

So, last night, in another chapter of what is quickly becoming a continuing saga, I had to call the cops on my downstairs neighbors. Now, let me once again set the scene, for those who've just joined us: It's 3 AM, it's Thursday night, and - one floor down from your humble correspondent - the nocturnal knuckleheads start blasting 50 Cent's "Candy Shop," Sublime's "What I Got" and other favorites at stun volume. In response, I - in a behavior that's becoming almost routine - phoned the cops. They sent an officer over, and - I hoped - the problem would soon be solved, as visits from the Madison's finest had quieted these dopes down before. (See previous entries.) This time, though, the exact opposite occurred. As if the officers had asked them to please turn the volume up, they began blasting (on purpose, I believe) the loudest music they could, from Linkin Park to Blink-182. It is now 3:30 AM, and - needless to say - I am royally fuckin' pissed. (What lanky philanthopist Peter Bukowski once called "a high state of piss-tivity.") I called the cops again, they returned, and the noise quieted down.

What this means, though, of course, is that my downstairs "neighbors" (a term becoming ever tenuous) are now content to defy both our landlord (who has admonished them informally and formally) and the police department. Where this goes next, I don't know. But if anybody knows any good submission wrestlers, I may have a job for them.

On the box right now: Bill Malone and Rod Moag, REMEMBER ME: MUSIC OF THE BAILES BROTHERS.


Dove With Claws [1:09 PM]

[ Thursday, September 29, 2005 ]


Grad school good'uns

-"I think we've probably spent enough time today trying to figure out whether or not Martin Luther King got hit on a lot in college."

-"We could even take this discussion all the way back to MC Hammer."

-"Just to let you know, if somebody ever rapes anybody in here, I'll rip their fuckin' head off."

-"Did you ever notice how a lot of adults basically don't know shit?"

On the box right now: Bettye Lavette, I'VE GOT MY OWN HELL TO RAISE.


Dove With Claws [3:31 PM]

[ Wednesday, September 28, 2005 ]


One-word album reviews

Five quick takes on five new records.

Ryan Adams: sloppy
Big Star: unremarkable
Blackalicious: effervescent
Bettye Lavette: fierce
Neil Young: lovely

Let no one ever say I lack pith. (Yeth? Pith?)

By the way, Tom DeLay got indicted, and it seems like Bill Frist might be next. All we need now is to take care of Bush, and we've got the hat trick.

On the box right now: Neil Young, PRAIRIE WIND.


Dove With Claws [6:30 PM]

[ Tuesday, September 27, 2005 ]


How fat is she?

This morning, I found myself watching the testimony of Michael Brown (the royal doofus who "ran" FEMA during the Katrina crisis) before a congressional committee investigating the travesty. Even though it was only made up of Republicans, due to the Dems' refusal to participate in a non-independent investigation, the GOP-ers came out swinging, using Brown's head (a blurred and confused place, it seems) for a pinata.

At one point, cranky old Senator Christopher Shays, 'Publican from Connecticut, suggested that we're lucky that Thomas Jefferson didn't think like Brown, or otherwise he never would have made the Louisiana Purchase. I guess that's the Congressional equivalent of "yo mama."

On the box right now: Bettye Lavette, I'VE GOT MY OWN HELL TO RAISE. This is what Solomon Burke's last album was trying to sound like...


Dove With Claws [12:09 PM]


Stacks of tracks

So, today (September 27th) is a gigantor day for interesting new music releases.

How many good records are there out today? A few fellow music geeks and I have already mapped out who's gonna buy what, so that we can swap later.

How many good records are there out today? I've breathed a sigh of relief that there isn't much coming out in the next few weeks, to give me a few weeks to catch up.

How many good records are there out today? Well...take a peek at my (unscientific) list: Gretchen Wilson, Sheryl Crow, Blackalicious, Bettye Lavette, Big Star, Sean Paul, Ryan Adams, “Children Of Nuggets,” The Band, Neil Young, Eric Bibb, Detroit Cobras, Dion, Toni Braxton, Three 6 Mafia, plus the Elvis Costello video-collection DVD

Whatever shall I do? Maybe just grade a few more papers and then head to the record store...

On the box right now: Various Artists, KENT'S CELLAR OF SOUL. Just when I thought I'd found every British collection of obscure, great American soul, this little miracle found its way into my hands. Another genius set of tracks; two particular highlights are Homer Banks' original recording of "Ain't That A Lot Of Love" and Little Richard's total-chaos take on the N'awlins gem "Get Down On It."


Dove With Claws [8:13 AM]