Shot Of Rhythm

[ Thursday, April 13, 2006 ]


Ms. Jackson, if you're nasty

As requested, here's a spotlight for Millie Jackson, the woefully underappreciated of 1970s X-rated country-soul. She's raw, rowdy, deeply soulful, and as skilled a genre-hopper as has been seen in American music. Here, I spotlight 5 examples of her singular, multi-faceted talent, plus 1 repeat offender from a few entries past. (Four of these, including her take on "Kiss You All Over," were recorded with the mighty Muscle Shoals Sound, and her version of "If You're Not Back In Love By Monday" hit the R&B Top 10 a year before Merle Haggard took the same song to the Country Top 5.

So here's to the female Jody, may she live long and fuckwitchya...

"How Do You Feel The Morning After?"

"If You're Not Back In Love By Monday"

"Kiss You All Over"

"Loving Arms" (live)

"Phuck U Symphony" (live)

"You Can't Turn Me Off (After You Turned Me On)"

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Dove With Claws [9:31 PM]