Shot Of Rhythm

[ Thursday, February 15, 2007 ]


With Friends Like These, Pt. 3

Direct from Houston, Texas, I present Darian, the Young Hustla, a 14-year-old up-and-comer whose first mixtape, OFFICIAL HARDHITTING MIXTAPE, VOL. 1, displays as much promise and potential as any hip-hop I've ever heard from the young-teen demographic. Of course, I'm a bit biased, since her cousin is my friend, colleague and bandmate Tyina Steptoe, who introduced me to Darian's music last year, when she was just in the process of completing the work that makes up this first disc. Then, as now, I was immediately struck by just how good Darian's rhymes are: they're literate and heartfelt, managing to far surpass any low, she's-just-a-kid expectations, while still remaining specific to her experience as a young adult in the 21st century. The three tracks below are from the mix, which I hope you'll get ahold of as soon as possible, if only to say that you were there at the beginning.

"It's Goin' Down" (remix)

"Let Me Hold You"

"Leather So Soft"

On the box right now: Public Enemy, GREATEST HITS LIVE.


Dove With Claws [3:15 PM]