Shot Of Rhythm

[ Friday, March 02, 2007 ]


A friend

Recently, I've been in a period of short-term happiness but long-term transition, which - musically - has translated to me finding the greatest pleasure in music that's both soothing (or at least reassuring), while also being slightly more tooth-y than the average "everything'll be okay"-type stuff. For some reason, or reasons, the solo work of Ronnie Lane has fit the bill most perfectly during this stretch. Lane's work with The Small Faces and The Faces has long won him a place in my thumbs-up column, but I'd never really given his later work much of a shake, save for ROUGH MIX, his spirited collaboration with Pete Townshend. I was missing out, since Lane's work is deeply warm and soulful stuff, awash in acoustic-based instrumentation and graced with Lane's fragile, sweeping post-Beatle melodies. In fact, Lane's stuff reminds me most directly of one of the Fab Four's solo flights, as I hear great similarity in the humanity and sheer gorgeousness between Lane's music and that of George Harrison.

So, for those of you who've got some miles to travel (and who doesn't?), here are a few songs to keep you company. Good company, too...

"Tell Everyone"

"Done This One Before"

"Anymore For Anymore"

On the box right now: Ruthie Foster, THE PHENOMENAL RUTHIE FOSTER. A very appropriate title.


Dove With Claws [12:25 PM]